Directions to Hotel Zurique (from Lisbon Airport)

The most convenient way of getting to Hotel Zurique from Lisbon airport is by taxi.

Alternatively you can go by taxi only to Gare do Oriente and take the subway. If this is your option then you should take the Red Line (Oriente line) in Oriente, until the terminal station, which is Alameda. In Alameda you should take the Green Line (Caravela line), with destination Telheiras, and get out in Campo Grande. Finally, in Campo Grande you should change to the Yellow Line (Girassol line), with destination Rato, and get out in Campo Pequeno. You can get a subway map here.

If you want to get to Hotel Zurique by bus, then the easiest route is to take the Aerobus, with destination Cais do Sodre,  at the CarrisTur bus stop in the airport, and get out in Campo Pequeno.

Here, you can find a map of the neighborhood of Hotel Zurique.